Are you in search of a particular product or service? Here is a comprehensive list of what we currently have available. If there is something specific you require that is not listed, please do not hesitate to inform us, and we will be more than happy to accommodate your request.


We’re automotive innovation leaders, providing advanced solutions for Powertrain Testing, Energy Systems, and Body and Chassis components. Our specialized test systems meet the industry’s evolving demands, delivering unmatched reliability and efficiency. With a focus on electric and hybrid vehicles, we enhance energy storage, propulsion systems, and safety.


We excel in delivering innovative energy solutions through our advanced testing and optimization technologies. From Automated Test Equipment (ATE) to Advanced Powertrain Testing (APT) and battery cyclers, our solutions are engineered to tackle the complexities of energy storage and conversion. With a focus on precision and reliability, we offer unmatched accuracy in electrical testing and battery testing to ensure durability and efficiency in energy storage systems.


We lead in semiconductor testing with specialized solutions for In-Circuit Testing (ICT) and Functional Circuit Testing (FCT). Our precise solutions are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the semiconductor sector, ensuring devices meet top criteria for functionality, reliability, and performance. With advanced diagnostic tools, we accurately identify faults in a wide range of semiconductor products. 

5G and 6G

We specialize in wireless testing solutions with our advanced Wireless Test System. This system is meticulously designed for precise evaluation and optimization, empowering industries to explore and innovate in wireless communication technologies. From performance assessments to signal reliability testing, our tools cover a wide spectrum of wireless communication domains. 

Academic Research

We excels in academic research solutions, specializing in Electric Vehicles, 5G/6G, AI&ML, IIoT, Industry 4.0, and Semiconductors. Our offerings support researchers in developing sustainable EV systems, pushing the boundaries of wireless communication, exploring artificial intelligence, optimizing industrial IoT, advancing smart manufacturing, and delving into semiconductor technologies. 

Software Development

We excel in software development with our specialized suite focusing on Test, Monitoring and Control, User Interface (UI), and Custom software applications. Beyond GUI development, our diverse range of software solutions and customized applications ensure innovation and dependability tailored to your needs. 

Customized Integration

We specialize in bespoke integration solutions, harmonizing hardware and software to meet unique business needs. Our suite focuses on developing custom integrations to boost performance and functionality. With tailored solutions spanning various industries and a commitment to innovation and reliability, we prioritize a user-centric approach. We create tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and performance.