Technology Training Program

Boost your knowledge with our training program on most in-demand skills from the industry
facilitated by certified engineers. Get hands-on project based learning experience from
building concepts to applications design using the latest development tools.
Get Industry Recognised Certificates and jumpstart your engineering career.

Machine Learning for Embedded Devices

Design Machine Learning models for embedded systems, train your microcontroller on real time sensor data and design applications such as predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, human activity recognition, fraud detection and many more.

End to End Machine Learning

Learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning using python libraries such as pandas, numpy and frameworks like TensorFlow to design and deploy machine learning solutions on key problems. Get an insight on various ML algorithms used in numerous applications.

Internet of Things Design

Get trained on hardware and software ecosystems for IoT systems design. Learn about IoT communication protocols, sensors interfaces, embedded server design, client programming, cloud integration and network concepts by building real time IoT projects.

National Instruments LabVIEW

LabVIEW is used widely across automation industries and offers a very robust graphical programming platform for complex challenges. Get trained on using LabVIEW for virtual instrumentation design. The training also prepares you for the CLAD exam.

Embedded Image & Video Processing

Build algorithms for Machine Vision applications. Learn about spatial and frequency domain manipulation of image and video signals. Work on techniques used widely such as image and video compression, motion detection, face detection, digital watermarking and more.

IoT & Machine Learning

Learn to design Machine Learning based IoT systems using Network Processors, Advanced Microcontrollers and Sensors. Design ML enabled devices which can communicate over the internet for various control and smart sensing applications.

Deep Learning Applications

Understand how Neural Networks work, the architecture and use standard Deep Learning libraries to solve challenging problems across image and video applications. Get an insight on how engineers model deep learning solutions using standard platforms.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Learn designing sensors node networks using long range wireless modules. Design a star network from scratch while learning key concepts like transceiver operation, data payload, communication protocols, P2P communication and more.

Digital Signal Processing

Apply the mathematical concepts of DSP in real time.Learn how to write DSP algorithms in C optimized for running on hardware. Key concepts include Sampling & Quantization, FFT, filter design, noise reduction, speech processing and audio effects.

Motor Control & Robotics

Apply the concepts of control systems to design Robotic algorithms for motor control. Design and build a Robotic application while learning the building blocks of electronics, embedded systems and software development for various Robotic applications.

Our Technology training program helps learners to make the right choice of Development Tools and leverage the Industry Standard design tools for academic projects used widely by the professionals.
These trainings assist in bringing innovation through technology by engaging learners in various hands on activities, assessment modules and instructor- led project completion program.