Technology Training Program for
Skills & Innovation

Tailored training on most in-demand skills from the industry by expert instructors to address the learning goal of every individual

Hands on Experiential Learning made simple & engaging

IoT, AI & ML, Robotics, Wireless Sensor Network, DSP & Machine Vision

Programming & Development skills on Industry Standard
platforms for your next Project

Technology Certificates, Assessment Series & Project Ideas

Training Courses

Internet of Things with Cloud based Applications

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Robotics & Motor Control Applications

Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT

Embedded Systems Interfaces & Design

Real Time Operating System
Real Time Digital Signal Processing Using Hardware

Applications Design Training:

Smart Agriculture
Home & Building Intelligence
Connected Parking System

Beginners Level
3 Days Program
Advance Level
5 Days  Program
(mini project)
Project Oriented
10 Days Program

Our Technology training program helps learners to make the right choice of Development Tools and leverage the Industry Standard design tools for academic projects used widely by the professionals.
These trainings assist in bringing innovation through technology by engaging learners in various hands on activities, assessment modules and instructor- led project completion program.