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Partner with Us

Are you seeking collaboration with a dynamic and innovative team? You’re in the right place! At Digitoad, we’re dedicated to nurturing partnerships that mutually benefit all involved, propelling growth and success. Here are a few instances of successful collaborations

ST Microelectronics

Geneva, Switzerland: Innovate with Precision

Embark on an innovation journey with STM Microelectronics, where our extensive range of microcontrollers, sensors, and power management solutions opens new avenues for electronic design. As an ST Embedded AI Education Partner, we guarantee access to reliable and high-performance components, inviting you to explore boundless possibilities within the STM Ecosystem.

Digilent (An NI Company)

Washington USA: Unlimited Potential Unleashed

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Industrial Shields

Barcelona Spain: Redefining Industrial Automation

Revolutionize your industrial automation projects with Industrial Shields’ robust PLCs and panel PCs. Our strategic partnership combines the power of open-source hardware with industrial-grade reliability, delivering innovative solutions that set new standards in automation excellence.

Vedhya Technologies

Bengaluru India: Shaping VLSI Education

Delve into the future of VLSI education with Vedhya Technologies. Our specially tailored VLSI Lab creates an immersive and dynamic learning environment for students enrolled in VLSI courses. Through hands-on experimentation with digital circuit design using HDL, we strive to deepen understanding and mastery of VLSI principles and technologies.

NI (National Instruments)

Austin USA: Engineering Excellence Unleashed

NI is now part of Emerson. Access a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions for engineers and scientists with NI (National Instruments). Our modular hardware and software offerings cater to a diverse range of applications, from automated testing to embedded systems development. Explore the NI product range and elevate your engineering experience to unprecedented heights.