Industry Collaboration
Labs for Academic Excellence

State of art teaching labs for innovation through systems level design, rapid prototyping & research activities

Innovative Multi Technology Labs  from Industry to
University Ecosystem

Tuned to latest technological advancements for Research
& Development activities

Technology Training for Students & Faculties to boost
confidence level

Continuous Engagement & Extensive Technical Support

Massive Resources including manuals, application notes,
code examples & getting started projects

Artificial Intelligence & ML

AI Development Kits

Edge Processing hardware platforms

Supports Python Programming

Machine Vision Algorithms

Advance IoT Applications Design

IoT Development Kits

High End Digital Sensors

IoT Cloud Integration

BLE, LoRa Technology

Wireless Sensor Network Design Lab

Sub-1GHz Sensor Nodes

Star Network Topology

I2C based Digital Sensors

Long Range Connectivity

Robotics & Drones Design Lab

Robotic Vehicle, Humanoid & Quadcopter

Sensors & Actuators Interfaces

Matlab Programmable

Control Algorithm Development

Signal, Image & Video Processing

DSP Development Platforms

Matlab Compatibility

Audio Processing Applications

Machine Vision & Video Analytics

Embedded Systems Design

Power Optimized MCU

High Performance ARM MCU

RTOs Applications

Embedded C Programming

Analog Design & IC

Op-Amp based Hardware Platform

Measurement & Test bed

Software for circuit design & Analysis

Step wise LIC lab experiments

Project Specific Lab

Smart Agriculture

Home & Building Automation

Connected Parking

Project based Hardware Setup

Electric Vehicle Test Solutions

Charging Stations


Regenerative Systems

Safety Analyzers

PCB Design & Fabrication Labs

Design & Simulation

Prototyping Machine


Test & Measurement

Our Industry Collaboration Labs can be found at key Technological Institutes across India fostering design & development activities among students’ community, enabling future engineers to design innovative projects while learning various design concepts and skills such as programming, systems level design and rapid prototyping all at ease and full of fun.
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