Industry Collaboration Labs

State of Art Labs to provide your students competitive skills on systems level design, rapid prototyping and research activities,ensuring quick concepts building and fast solutions design using an ecosystem of hardware,software and engineering courseware.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence Lab

Teach students key skills on designing AI
algorithms running on embedded systems,
sensors-data pattern recognition, performing anomaly detection using unsupervised
learning and Neural Networks.

IoT with Machine Learning Lab

This lab combines advanced Network Processors for designing IoT Applications and ARM cores for running machine learning algorithms based on sensor data. Teach your students ML based IoT applications design with our latest courseware.

Real Time Digital Signal Processing Lab

This lab supplements the classroom DSP theory and teaches students to design DSP algorithms on advanced DSP processors, implement filters, speech recognition, audio effects and a host of exciting applications.

Robotics & Drone Design Lab

Encourage students to design Robotic applications using high standard Robotic & Drone Design kits. Provide your students with a deeper understanding of electronics systems, control engineering and software development.

Machine Learning Projects Lab

Set of 12 Real Time Machine Learning projects
based on Industrial Use cases. This lab employs
6 digital sensors for data collection &
advanced microcontrollers for running
machine learning algorithms.

Wireless Sensors Network Design Lab

Teach fundamentals of WSN using advanced wireless Microcontrollers and digital sensors. Labs include Transceiver operation, P2P communication, star network topology, communication protocols and more.

Image, Video & Machine Vision Lab

Teach the fundamentals of Practical Image & Video processing using advanced video processing hardware and software ecosystem for machine vision applications. Solve complex image and video based engineering problems.

Control Systems Lab

This lab facilitates design and development of control system algorithms applicable to numerous use cases including motor control applications, digital power supply, feedback control using an ecosystem of high-end Digital Signal Controllers and Software platforms.

Our Industry Collaboration Labs can be found at key Technological Institutes across India fostering design & development activities among students’ community, enabling future engineers to design innovative projects while learning various design concepts and skills such as programming, systems level design and rapid prototyping all at ease and full of fun.
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