Industry Collaboration Labs for Engineering Education & Research

Establish State of Art Labs at your campus designed in collaboration with industry leaders such as STMicroelectronics, Bitlismen and Industrial Shields. Provide competitive skills to your students on systems level design, rapid prototyping and research activities using an ecosystem of:

High Quality
Industrial Hardware

Latest Software
Development Platform


Lab Setup Program

Embedded Artificial Intelligence Design Lab

Designed in collaboration with STMicroelectronics, this lab brings the latest technological advancements in the field of AI & Machine Learning from the industry to the university ecosystem, with an aim to solve complex engineering problems using smart AI enabled Microcontrollers.

The lab provides hands-on working experience on embedded software development for AI applications, sensor fusion, real time sensor data logging, AI model generation, supervised & unsupervised machine learning, anomaly detection for predictive maintenance, fraud detection, security and classification applications.

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Hands on Courseware to Learn & Create

  • Stepwise Lab Experiments, including guided lab manual, use-cases featuring concepts about AI model generation, sensor interfaces, sensor data structure, data logger
  • 5 End to End Embedded AI Projects with fully functional codes, video tutorial
  • Full Licensed EDU Version of NanoEdge AI STUDIO– an Award Winning technology
  • AI + IoT enabled STM32 ARM Cortex M4 Development kits
  • STM32Cube Integrated Development Environment, ARM Mbed Studio
  • High Quality Industrial Sensors

Solve Real World Engineering Problems

  • Learn how to structure data from sensors, design data logger, feature extraction, sensor signal processing
  • Design ML models to analyse real time sensor data patterns for vibration, motion, temperature, sound, pressure, current, etc.
  • Test and validate your model without depending on any Cloud Services
  • Deploy the model on a STM32 Microcontroller and integrate with the designed embedded software, train & detect data patterns on the device itself
  • Integrate your solution with an IoT development platform and solve complex engineering problems

Design SELF AWARE AI POWERED objects using this Lab!

The lab features end to end Embedded AI projects to facilitate strong concept building

  • SMART activity & hand gesture recognition
    Based on motion sensor data, the wearable device will be able to RECOGNISE various Hand Gestures and physical activity- sitting, standing, walking, running etc using ML models.
  • INTELLIGENT machines
    A machine should DETECT when something is wrong, instead of waiting for the schedule maintenance visit using ML based vibration pattern analysis
  • SAFE traffic
    The vehicle should UNDERSTAND the rash driving conditions based on ML techniques and inform the authorities
  • SECURE swimming pool
    A Swimming pool should be able to IDENTIFY if a person is drowning vs. someone swimming

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Industrial IoT Lab

We are working very hard to launch this program, expected to be released shortly!

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Industry 4.0 Lab

We are working very hard to launch this program, expected to be released shortly!

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Sensing & Data Acquisition Lab

We are working very hard to launch this program, expected to be released shortly!

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