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Designed and delivered by certified industry professionals, the courses offer a unique opportunity to learn and work on the latest technologies as per the current industry standards and job market. At the end, you get an industry branded certificate and the necessary skills to crack your technical interview.

Become a Certified
Embedded AI Developer

This program is designed for engineering students to learn the development of Artificial Intelligence based Embedded Devices and Objects that will implement AI and Machine Learning models right on the embedded systems, without the need for a Cloud. During the course, the students will gain experience on writing embedded software, designing AI models and training ML algorithms on Real Time Data from different types of sensors. Having successfully completed the course and project work, the students will achieve
“EMBEDDED AI DEVELOPER CERTIFICATION LEVEL” by Cartesiam a global recognition very coveted in the design industry.

You get Full Development Ecosystem
The participants get complete development platforms as takeaways which includes-
Embedded Development Hardware Bundle- ARM Cortex MCU Development Board,Sensors Kit and accessories
Software Development Bundle- Licensed Version of
NanoEdge AI Studio

Who Can Enroll?

Anybody interested in microcontrollers, embedded systems, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and look forward to building a career in these domains can enroll for this course.  

What Will I Learn?

The participants will learn in-depth about AI based Embedded Systems Engineering which involves writing embedded software, digital sensors programming, designing AI models for embedded devices, ML model training and inference on real time sensor data and systems level design. 

Is There Any Project Design In The Course?

The course is based on project based learning approach, the participants will design a minimum 3 full fledged Real World Embedded AI Projects.

Is The Certification Industry Recognized?

Yes, the certificates are offered and recognised by Cartesiam a global leader in Embedded AI Software.

Value to the Learner

Industry Branded Certificates
Comprehensive curriculum with Real World Project Work across 3 applications
Hardware and Software Takeaways
Get skills endorsement by us on LinkedIN
Learn Development Skills on Embedded Systems, AI and Machine Learning
Helps you build professional network

Value of Getting Certified

Today, certification plays an important role in showcasing your skills to the potential employers. Getting industry recognized certifications builds trust among employers. At the same time, the participants also get a sense of confidence and achievement after the certification.

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