Certified Embedded AI Developer Program-
one month industry certified online program

A “Project Based Skilling” program designed for engineering students to get upskilled on embedded software development for AI applications.

High Quality Prepares the students for various job opportunities in the edge AI & IoT industry

Certifies the students as Embedded AI Developer

Co-developed by experts from STMicroelectronics & DigiToad Technologies

Lab Setup Program


  • Share their achievement with a global community of STM Developers
  • Obtain a certification co-jointly managed & branded by STMicroelectronics & DigiToad, recognised globally
  • Get access to 100s of ST clients potentially looking for AI developers
  • Completion of 2 industry projects
  • Receive a personal Embedded AI Training Kit

From Zero to Embedded AI Developer in 3 easy STEPS

Get Trained by Us
  • Intensive Live Instructor led online Training Program for 50 hours
  • Designed to be flexible to suit student’s timings without disturbing your regular academic classes
Develop Embedded AI Projects
  • 2 Industrial problem statement-based projects guided by our experts
  • Based on acquired skills, students work independently on projects featuring new use cases
Get Certified
  • Evaluation by DigiToad and ST Team to validate & certify the student’s skills

Program Developer Team

Louis Gobin, Application Engineer

Louis holds an MS in Data Science from Fordham University, NY, USA. His work area involves design of production-ready machine learning proof-of-concept models for clients using the NanoEdge AI platform.

Pierre Guiglion, Sr. FA Software Engineer

Pierre holds a PhD from University College London and has 8 years of experience working in academics and industry. With his exceptional background in academics, Pierre understands and facilitates the learning needs of the students as per the industry requirements.

Embedded AI Training Kit

Set up your own personal AI Lab with the Embedded AI Training Kit. Each participant enrolled for the program will receive this training kit as a takeaway. Use this personal lab during the training program for development of AI prototypes and projects, and later for

  • Designing mini & major projects
  • Participate in hackathon events and design challenge programs
  • Experimentation & Research work

It will always prove to be useful for an engineer! The Kit includes:

  • STM32 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller
  • 9-axis motion sensing + Audio Sensing
  • Accessories & Interfaces
  • Portable Lab, carry it wherever you want
  • Use it during contests, hackathon events
  • 2 Guided Projects
  • Tutorials
Value to the Learner
  • Industry Branded Certificates
  • Comprehensive curriculum with Real World Project Work across 3 applications
  • Hardware and Software Takeaways
  • Get skills endorsement by us on LinkedIN
  • Learn Development Skills on Embedded Systems, AI and Machine Learning
  • Helps you build professional network
Skills Development & Learning Opportunities

The participants will learn in-depth about AI based Embedded Systems Engineering which involves writing embedded software, digital sensors programming, designing AI models for embedded devices, ML model training and inference on real time sensor data and systems level design. 

  • Embedded C/C++ programming
  • Sensor driver development, device communication protocols
  • NanoEdge AI Studio based AI Development
  • TensorFlow for Microcontrollers
  • Python programming
  • STM32 Cube IDE
Value of Getting Certified
  • Today, certification plays an important role in showcasing your skills to the potential employers.
  • Getting industry recognized certifications builds trust among employers.
  • At the same time, the participants also get a sense of confidence and achievement after the certification.

Let’s Get Started

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