Embedded Artificial Intelligence Education Program- in partnership with STMICROELECTRONICS

The program offers a comprehensive learning ecosystem where the students develop the skills to design AI and Machine Learning applications that fit in a traditional ARM Cortex MCU based Embedded Systems, using real time sensor data such as:

Motion & Vibration
Humidity & Temperature
Audio etc.

with a project-based learning approach and hence solve complex engineering problems. The students also get industry certified under this program.

Embedded AI- the Next AI wave!

  • The current trend shows that AI is slowly moving from Cloud to the device, right at the point where data is collected.
  • Also, by 2025, 25 billion devices will be AI powered, most of them built using ARM Cortex microcontrollers. This would open up huge opportunities for skilled engineers.
  • Experts say that the next wave of AI will be driven by low power devices collecting data from hundreds of sensing elements.

Program Objectives:

Driven by the future demand of AI skilled engineers, the Embedded AI Program has been designed with the objectives of:

  • Upskilling of engineering students on the key challenges involved in Embedded AI and Machine Learning based Projects and prepare them for the Edge AI industry
  • Upgrade & Enhance the existing curriculum on IoT and Embedded Systems and make them AI Ready

Key Features:


Brings the latest technological advancements in the field of AI & Machine Learning from the industry to the university ecosystem, with an aim to solve complex engineering problems using smart AI enabled Microcontrollers


Provides hands-on working experience on embedded software development for AI applications sensor fusion, real time sensor data logging AI model generation supervised & unsupervised machine learning anomaly detection for predictive maintenance, classification applications IoT protocols & cloud connectivity

Branding & Industry Collaboration

Provides an opportunity for the institute to collaborate with STMicroelectronics, global leader in embedded solutions, creating strong branding and ability to attract better quality students.

Research & Publications

The Embedded AI program opens various opportunities for Research work and paper publications based on tens of industrial use cases across scores of different applications.

Skills Oriented Curriculum

In alignment with NSDC and Skill India’s vision and mission to create a sustainable and skill enabling ecosystem.

Certified Embedded AI Developer Program for the Students

The Embedded AI Developer Program is an online certification program co-branded by ST and DigiToad for the engineering students to getting recognised as a professional developer.

Design & Development of Innovative Prototypes

The software & hardware ecosystem under this program provides the necessary tools to design, innovate and develop prototypes targeting various applications.

Program Offerings:

Lab Setup Program for Teaching Research & Projects:

“A one stop design lab for teaching industry relevant AI skills, rapid prototype development and getting the students industry certified so that they become more employable & industry ready”

    • Embedded AI Design Lab
    • Embedded Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Design Lab
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Embedded AI Developer Certification Program:

An industry certified online program to

    • upskill the students on embedded software development for AI applications
    • certifies the students as Embedded AI Developer
    • co-developed by experts from STMicroelectronics & DigiToad Technologies.
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