The French born Embedded AI Company, has built an undisputed product leadership, already applied to multiple industry and use cases, enabling companies to rapidly, easily and inexpensively upgrade their equipment with Cartesiam’s award winning technology, NanoEdge™ AI Studio. Cartesiam is a technology partner of STMicroelectronics and ARM AI Ecosystem partner.

Partnership Objectives

To deliver High Quality Industry Standard Education on POWER ECOSYSTEM, ENERGY OF THE FUTURE | ENERGY4.0, to the engineering students, researchers and learners across various engineering disciplines.
To provide skills and solid foundational knowledge on traditional and renewable energy grids from generation upto the consumption, protection and analysis.

Activities under the partnership:

  • Establishment of Power Ecosystem Research Labs
  • Technical Webinar

Set-up of Embedded AI Teaching Labs: 
Designed for Engineering Colleges Upgrades the Embedded systems and IoT Labs to an Advanced Microcontrollers based AI & Machine Learning Applications Development Lab. This lab facilitates designing of Machine Learning models which fit into Microcontrollers and work on Real Time Sensor Data.
Application Areas– Human Activity Recognition, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance, Audio Classification, Fraud Detection, Safety Critical Applications.

Certified Embedded AI Training Program:
Short term certified training programs for students, faculties, researchers and industry professionals to upgrade their knowledge in the field of Embedded Systems and AI & Machine Learning. This program introduces the industry standard tools and design methodologies involved in designing Embedded Systems based Machine Learning Projects.