Power Ecosystem Education Program

The Power Ecosystem Education Program is an experiential learning-based industrial program focused towards enhancing the way power systems is being taught across engineering colleges by introducing an easy-to-use hardware, software and a comprehensive courseware.

Program Objectives:

To deliver High Quality Industry Standard Education on POWER ECOSYSTEM, ENERGY OF THE FUTURE | ENERGY4.0, to the engineering students, researchers, early engineers and learners across various engineering disciplines.

To provide skills and solid foundational knowledge on traditional and renewable energy grids from generation up to the consumption, protection and analysis.

Features of Power Ecosystem Education Program

Establishment of Power Ecosystem Research Labs using Power Trainers

The Power Ecosystem Labs can be established at college campuses to facilitate strong theoretical and practical background knowledge in traditional and renewable energy grids from generation up to the consumption, protection and analysis.

The labs include energy related trainers/platforms which are designed to be open, flexible, expandable, reconfigurable and reprogrammable. The PLE trainers/platforms have multiple use cases:

    • Education
    • Project based learning & Research
    • Trainings for field engineers

Experience an Industry Like Environment

The trainers use real (but small scale) components, to make the trainers to be as similar to the real power plants as possible. The trainer components have transparent enclosures to make them and the internal processes to be visible during operation. The trainers use 24V maximum, so even if students make wrong connections the trainers are still safe and will not harm them. Each trainer is compatible with other trainers of Power Labs Ecosystem™, so the students can interconnect them to each other and form different microgrids and smart grids.

Easy to Learn Software & Hardware

The software has a user-friendly, easy to use and nice-looking user interface. The trainer implements power measurement and quality analysis on the reconfigurable myRIO and RIOsys platforms.

It allows to have

    • the RMS values of voltage, current, frequency, power factor etc.,
    • as well as the real-time vector diagram, real-time sine waveforms of the voltages and currents.

The trainers are modular, meaning the components are free to move and can be interconnected by the students as per the need for each experiment. This allows the students to get fully involved in the process of interconnection of the components and understanding the aim and functionality of each of them.

Hands On Courseware

Comprehensive and well-structured user manuals are provided for students and instructors. Each experiment has the following sections:

    • Lab Objective, Prelab (theory associated with the experiment)
    • Pre-Lab Assignments (questions to the theory)
    • Application Software Description
    • Step by Step Instructions & Experiments.

Technical Webinar

The Bitlismen team organizes technical webinar upon request, with an aim to educate them about the various technical topics involved in teaching, learning and designing power ecosystems. The webinar is hosted directly by experienced engineers from Bitlismen and also features live demonstrations on Power Labs Ecosystem Trainers and Platforms.

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