A Holistic Approach to Cultivating Competitive Skills

Enable students with competitive skills in systems-level design, rapid prototyping, and research endeavors within a skill-centered environment. Our program covers Embedded Machine Learning Education, Industry 4.0, and features a Center of Excellence.
STMicroelectronics AI Program

Embedded Machine Learning Education with a Focus on Skill Development 

STMicroelectronics AI Program: Empowering Engineering Students for the Edge AI Industry
Our initiative is designed to upskill and support engineering students in preparing for the Edge AI sector. With a comprehensive learning ecosystem, students can create and implement AI-powered devices using the STMicroelectronics AI Ecosystem.
Key Features include:

  • AI Lab Setup: Teach Industry relevant AI skills on the latest hardware & software tools and engage your students in product prototyping. We help universities establish Industry Collaborated Design Labs in Edge Artificial Intelligence. Avail discounted lab program today!
  • Lab Courseware & Projects: Take AI Education at your campus to the next level with our curated courseware resources, experiments manual, AI projects, video tutorials & more
  • On Campus Training: Industry Certified Hands on training for the faculties & students to explore the fundamental concepts involved in designing end to end Embedded AI applications.
  • Prototype Development: Become a part of the developer community, participate in development of prototypes based on the industrial problem statements. Get free mentorship by our experts.
  • Certification Program: Get recognised as a certified developer in Edge AI while being a student. A 50 hour self-paced program including guided labs, assignments, quizzes and a capstone project!
  • Industry Connect: Get access to core internship opportunities & placement assistance across companies working in embedded systems, IoT and Edge AI.

STMicroelectronics( is a global leader in the semiconductor sector that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of semiconductor products, including microcontrollers, power semiconductors, sensors, and other electronic components.


As we anticipate 50 billion devices by 2025, a substantial portion will leverage intelligence. This underlines the urgent demand for developers to swiftly craft novel equipment that can comprehend their surroundings. The ST AI program readies students for the Edge AI Industry, positioning them at the forefront of this evolution.

Industry 4.0 Program

Embrace the Future: Embrace Industry 4.0, the Next Industrial Revolution

The Industry 4.0 program empowers universities to establish a simulated industrial environment, fostering hands-on experience with Automation Systems, Industrial IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. This exposure is invaluable for students entering engineering, manufacturing, and related career paths.

Key Features

  • IIoT Lab
  • Edge AI for Industry 4.0
  • Open-Source Ecosystem
  • Real World Use Cases
  • Learning Resources

Centre of excellence

Unlocking Excellence, Igniting Innovation

“The Centre of Excellence cultivates a collaborative environment that nurtures innovation and research in both core and advanced engineering applications. Our proficiency empowers universities to establish Centers of Excellence in cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things.

Key Features

  • Team with Expertise: Our CoE Labs team members are experienced professionals with hands-on expertise in engineering, providing students with valuable guidance and mentorship.
  • Partnerships & Collaboration: Collaborate with industry leaders and academic experts to provide students with unique opportunities for research, internships, and job placements assistance.
  • Training & Education: Hands on  training sessions and mentoring programs to help students gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers in engineering.
  • Activity Oriented: Activity-oriented learning provides the opportunity to work on real-world projects and gain practical skills and experience in their field of study.
  • State of Art Technology: Get access to cutting-edge equipment and technology that allows students to gain practical skills and experience that can be applied in their future careers.
  • Innovation and Research:  Be at the forefront of innovation and research in the engineering field, enable students the opportunity to work on groundbreaking projects and develop new technologies.

Concerned – I’m a working professional or a busy student, and attending your online or offline classes might be a challenge. How can I still benefit from your offerings?

Absolutely, we have a flexible e-learning platform that allows you to learn at your own convenience. Our platform provides on-demand access to course materials, lectures, and resources, enabling you to tailor your learning schedule to fit your busy lifestyle. This way, even as a working professional or a busy student, you can still make the most of our offerings and enhance your skills without worrying about fixed class timings.


Embark on an Aesthetic Journey to Master Technology Skills at Your Own Pace

Explore Essential Technology Skills on Your Terms with SkillsBlock. Immerse yourself in interactive and engaging learning content, including videos, quizzes, assignments, and hands-on exercises. These resources are designed to keep learners motivated and fully engaged throughout their learning journey.

  • LabVIEW Core 1 & Core 2: Foundational Training
  • Certified Edge AI Developer – Associate Level: Unlock the Power of Edge AI
  • Internet of Things Design: Crafting Connected Experiences